fit20 makes inroads into Great Britain

15 aug

International aspirations rewarded in the UK

Hattem, 15th of August 2016. Throughout the world, the health and fitness market is rapidly developing, and the innovative fit20 formula from the Netherlands is receiving international attention. In the UK, for example, fit20 has not gone unnoticed. Niri Patel, a formidable British entrepreneur with considerable experience in franchising, acknowledges the needs and potential of the market. On Monday, 1 August he signed the master franchise contract for fit20 UK. The United Kingdom represents the largest health and fitness market in Europe. The first fit20 studio in the UK will launch in the latter half of 2016 in Wakefield. As a franchise concept, fit20 has been growing remarkably fast. Since the start of 2009 this Dutch success story has opened over 80 studios in the Netherlands. Following on from Belgium, the UK is the third country to see the fit20 concept being rolled out.

Super-fast growth

Interest from abroad in fit20 has been growing at a fast pace. ‘Expansion to the UK offers huge opportunities. The British market is four times the size of the Dutch market and such a step overcomes the language barrier that now enables further expansion to other English-speaking countries’, explains Ad de Waard, Managing Director of fit20 International BV. ‘It takes a lot of intensive effort to enter a market with a different language. But the e-learning environment within the fit20 Academy has been fully re-worked in English. Negotiations with Niri Patel went extremely smoothly. Just like a fit20 workout, the negotiations were short and intensive and produced positive results”, explains De Waard, laughing. ‘We are proud that Niri Patel will be rolling out our concept. He has a proven track record for rolling out franchise businesses. That reinforced us in our choice and gives us confidence.’

International ambitions

The United Kingdom is the largest health and fitness market in Europe. ‘The fit20 concept offers a solution for the many people who are too busy to find time for exercise. But it also aims at all those who want to get stronger, fitter and healthier, but who don’t like the idea of weekly stints in the gym’, explains Niri Patel, the latest international master franchisee of fit20. ‘I envisage huge potential for the fit20 concept here in the UK and I expect the British public to quickly embrace the idea. The concept is perfect for busy people as well as an ageing population – I am looking forward to the UK roll-out.’

Succesful concept

fit20 training is provided one-on-one or, optionally, one-to-two. In around 20 minutes the customer is ready to leave. The slow-motion training method, together with the air-conditioned space, means that it is not necessary to change clothing or to shower. An individual programme involves 20 minutes of training with the customer per week in order to increase strength and improve fitness levels. All main muscle groups are given attention, including leg, stomach, back, chest, and arm muscle groups.

Aboutfit20  fit20 is a High Intensity Training (HIT) system based on scientific studies and research. There are now over 80 fit20 studios spread throughout the Netherlands, together with six in-company studios within Siemens, Yokogawa, Randstad, Thuiszorg West-Brabant, Ahold, and Heerema. In 2015 fit20 began expanding abroad. Each fit20 studio boasts high-quality equipment. All its personal trainers are expertly qualified to offer the most effective guidance to our customers. A list of all our fit20 studios is available on our website: